Who is Osteopath? What recognition?

In France, to guarantee the patient's safety, the requirements for professional qualification are to have studied and succeeded in an osteopathic education institution that was duly approved by the decress delivered by the Ministry of Health.

Here is a list of the institutions approved in France and giving training in osteopathy (this is a non-exhaustive list):

- Centre d'ostéopathie Atman - Atman Osteopathic Centre, Sophia-Antipolis

- Centre européen d'enseignement supérieur de l'ostéopathie - European Osteopathic Education Centre, Lyon

- Centre européen d'enseignement supérieur de l'ostéopathie - European Osteopathic Education CenterParis

- Centre international d'ostéopathie - International Osteopathic Education Center, Saint-Etienne

- Collège ostéopathique européen, formation initiale - European Osteopathic School, initial training, Cergy-Pontoise

- Collège ostéopathique de Provence - Osteopathic College of Provence, Marseille

- Ecole supérieure d'ostéopathie et de biomécanique appliquée (OSTEObio) - Osteopathic and Applied Biomechanical Education School, Cachan

- Ecole supérieure d'ostéopathie - Osteopathic Education School, Emerainville

- Institut des hautes études ostéopathiques de Nantes - Osteopathic Education Institution, Orvault

- Institut supérieur d'ostéopathie de Lyon - Osteopathic Education Institution, Limonest

- Institut toulousain d'ostéopathie - Osteopathic Institute of Toulouse, Labège

An osteopath is a qualified practitioner who passed successfully a "Bac + 6" (Fench equivalent of a Master's Degree in Osteopathy), plus a report of end of study. Then, he has the status of "qualified osteopath" (D.O). He is a practitioner who has high competences and a great sense of the responsabilities implied in his professional activity.

Only those who are in possession of this D.O qualification (in conformity with current decrees) have the right to be osteopaths. This diploma is a guarantee of competence, ethics, deontology and safety for the patients.

I suggest that you enquire about the institute of formation of your osteopath on the list of approved institutes. A list of them is being created on the Ministry of Health website, gathering the qualified osteopaths of your department. A link for this list will soon be available on our website.


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