→ The infant, the child

“Birth should always be followed by an attentive osteopathic examination”. Childbirth can be quite a trauma for the baby; too long, too quick, use of forceps or other… tensions in muscles and bones during childbirth can have a deep impact on the whole body, for a lifetime, even with no visible after effects. Yet, don’t worry, handlings of babies are done carefully, with much precision, dexterity while respecting the treated structures. A very gentle examination of the various physiological movements (cranium, sacrum, abdomen…) will easily detect the minor dysfunction at the origin of pain.

The child: Any activity of your child can disrupt his general balance. A heavy schoolbag, a wrong position at school, a fall or a traumatism at sport, etc., can lead to lasting dysfunctions.

→ Backache
→ Limbs
→ At the visceral level
→ Pregnancy
→ Orthodontics
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