→ Pregnancy

The osteopath can help the mother to bear the disorders provoked by pregnancy. She will then adapt easier to the changes that occur in her body. Osteopathy offers wellbeing and harmony to the mother-to-be and her baby during pregnancy (management of stress and improvement of the relationship between mother and baby).
What’s more, osteopathy offers effective antenatal class, in particular by ensuring a good mobility of pelvis. Lastly, a postnatal consultation for the mother is necessary to balance some structures that were disquieted during delivery (perineum, pelvis, coccyx). Osteopathy is also recommended to prepare the body for a re-education of the perineum.
Osteopathy is a gentle manual tissue technique: it does not endanger the mother and child’s health. The osteopath plays a full role in the follow-up of pregnancy along with the medical team (midwife, gynecologist, and obstetrician).


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